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Autumnal Lanterns

Posted in Hoi An, Shopping, Vietnam Travel with tags , , on November 2, 2009 by MOUSUMI DUTTA

The arrival of Autumn not only brings a bounty of seasonal shades of pumpkin, squash, chestnuts to our palate but Halloween & Jacko lanterns add to the festive lore.  While travelling in Hoi An, Vietnam, these handmade silk lanterns in Autumnal colors caught my eye…


The lantern maker starts off with a bamboo frame like this

bamboo lanterns 

Patterned silk is then cut & sewn to fit onto the bamboo frames in a Handmade shop

hanmade shop

A tassel added on the bottom as a decorative touch & voila…purchase as is or custom create your lantern

   lantern shop

 in a Shop cum Home where everything is HandMade. In todays  mass market world, I wonder if anyone studies what they purchase or wonder how things are made.  So, the next time you purchase a shade…study it carefully…& maybe just maybe you’ll transport yourself to the Country of Origin where it was made by reminiscing about this post on Lanternmaking Handmade style. With that a festive Autumnal Season to you.

Browsing in North Africa

Posted in Shopping, Uncategorized on March 15, 2009 by MOUSUMI DUTTA


I have a confession…just one ! …I LOVE to lounge & linger over breakfast before I start my day & since you’re travelling with me, lets bask in the sun, trash the watch, discard the IPhone, blackout the Blackberry & go BAREFOOT.


Oh my…Cafe au Lait – served in a bowl, fresh squeezed orange juice & home made bread…oh the smell of spicy cardamon coffee…Mmm Starbucks Pish…this is SO DIVINE.

Look at the morning light filtering  through. Now do you understand this lingering of mine ?


So, now that we’re satiated, lets browse through those markets of North Africa shall we ? Some call it shopping but I call it BROWSING.  Shall we look left


or shall we look right. So much to see, can’t think straight.  Masks from Mauritania


Robes from Timbuktu


A Patchwork of Carpets…


All this kaleidoscope of color is making me dizzy…I need lunch and OH MON DIEU…is that..can’t be…it IS..


Mc Donald’s – Mc Arabia. Yes, we are in Arabia after all & that IS most definitely a McViande sandwich. (sandwich must be one of those universal words, don’t you agree ? )

Aaah…food does do wonders & now I’m feeling Princess like & wanting one of those ROBES.


 I’m thinking maybe with a belt tied around the hips, a chunky beaded necklace & a pair of  sandals, this could look quite elegant. Isn’t there something called Street Fashion or the Global Ethnic look – this must be it. I mean you’d need the personality to carry off THIS LOOK but even if you didn’t – who would know.


Men…don’t feel left out…there’s robes for you too when you unearth your inner Lawrence of Arabia moment. For those dinner parties, this is the ULTIMATE HOST outfit.

Need some bags to carry out those Treasures…take your pick…


Oh there’s more but we’re bogged down for today with this escapade…too stressful on the brain & you know in this economy, we can’t afford to make the wrong decision & get the wrong thing…so until next week’s postcard…Au Revoir.