I was born many many years ago in Assam, India, surrounded by Tea Gardens & wandering Rhinos. At age 1, my parents relocated from hilly Tea Garden to the Arabian desert Kingdom of Kuwait. Here, I attended a straight laced British school with mates from 50 Nations. It seemed that everyone was an expat ! Whilst  not attending school, my Parents & I roamed the world – Iran, London, Paris, Vienna, India, Damascus & so the seed for Travelling was planted in my roots. Years later, with the help of Blogs – Travel Postcards is what I present  you.

I consider myself to be a Citizen of the World, an intrepid traveller, a lover of passports & Delsey luggage. I have managed to make home in a shack overlooking the Hudson River called “Lavenderhill” from where thse Postcards are penned. My travels are not in ” real time”  but merely sharing my travel journals with the rest of the world. From here, I shall be whisking you away to distant lands where we will lounge, linger, have meaningful & meaningless conversations & share with you  general nice things & odds & ends.

Won’t you join me & see for yourself ? After all, isn’t life idyllic when you can be on a permanent vacation roaming from 1 exotic champagne filled location to the next ? Indeed the slow life is what we’ll be treasuring. So, Bon Voyage & Bon Chance !

3 Responses to “About MOUSUMI DUTTA”

  1. Hi Mousumi Dutta!
    Your Site is very beautiful.
    I am a Citzen of the World too and nice to see you.
    Best Regards
    Con-Vit Studio. http://www.convitstudio.com

    • Fellow citizen, Your site is also so exciting in so many languages also & its Vietnamese. I tried to subscribe to your blog but the link is not working. Have good memories of “anchai” food, really the best vegetarian food.

  2. Hi,
    Thanks! You could me wrote a comment to my blog.
    For subcribe >> http://album.convitstudio.com/feed/
    Try it. Nice to meet you on net 😆

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