Kecak dancers of Bali, Indonesia

Holiday Season is fast approaching & what else to illuminate the mood than festivals & dance. While travelling in Bali, Indonesia – not to be missed is the Kecak Dance. The stage is the Uluwattu Temple area on  Jimbaran Bay – overlooking the Ocean & surrounded by cliffs.

Enter the Kecak performers, male singers  in Black & white checkered regalia to perform the Hindu Religious tale of Ramayana with their voices…Enter the 2 dancers to tell the story / dance the story of Ramayana – Sita & Ram…

In unison, Kecak, kecak,  the words repeated over & over, fast & slow, high & low, alto & baritone, kecak , kecak is all you hear in rhythmic unison…their clothing Black & White check to represent good & evil. This cloth is seen draped over religious statues throughout  Bali.

Surrounded by dancers, flames, movement…the viewer is enveloped in the ecstasy, the colors being a feast for the eye & the lack of instruments is not even missed…human voice is the only instrument…kecak ,kecak, kecak…

Surrounded by Natural wonders & the simple things in life, day to day dance events to celebrate life…what more could a traveller ask for as a blessing for a journey thats inexpensive & uplifting both spritually & emotionally. An enjoyable upcoming Holiday Season to all.


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