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Reading for Charity

Posted in Charity with tags on October 11, 2009 by MOUSUMI DUTTA

Darlings,  As you know this Blog is a WordPress blog & were it not for the aces at Customer Support (what with my bad computer skills) – Travel Postcards wouldn’t even be in existence !  Well now, turns out the Word Press aces have signed up with charitable causes for Bloggers to make charitable contributions just by reading ! Imagine that…!

On the right hand side there is a ” Charity Water” cause  that I have signed up for, where readers…thats you…just have to click on the image & points are generated to go towards digging wells for cleaner water in Countries where people have to drink from polluted sources. So, lets see, my blogs stats quote is 1548 people read this Blog…well, maybe they just looked at the pictures when they had nothing to do…I don’t know…BUT, if 1548 people clicked on the Charity Water, then$1548 would have been donated towards this cause. SO…please when looking at my photos or if you happen to be reading, please click on the Charity Water icon…its as simple as that & presto…you did a good deed for the day.

Merci Beaucoup…merci

Summer Travel memorabilia

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , on October 3, 2009 by MOUSUMI DUTTA

Darlings,  Reality hit this weekend as Autumnal leaves were found trailing on the ground & early morning mist & fog shrouded the area in a filmy mask. It was time to change the decor & put aside those Summery items picked up on distant voyages. The colorful painted basket containing  shells & beach glass

prayer baskets

straw bags

Reed bags…one can never have too many for those summer occasions. And of course

moroccan baskets

Large Straw  market bags for all those impromptu visits to the farmers markets…keeping 1 outside  for the grocery store

And lastly, my eternal Summer wardrobe of sarongs & wraps…used as clothing purposes in addition to impromptu picnic blankets

summer sarongs

Seasonal changes are such the thing to look forward to & ofcourse Autmn brings its own colorful treats but more on that later. Until then…au revoir