The Sapa fashion directory & guide

Darlings,  That weekend excursion to Sapa…well guess what…it got extended… between the tranquil atmosphere, the ambience & the colorful local attire…why rush to leave ? And so, more postcards of what I oogled over walking around Sapa. Caught these Hmong Women pondering…


and then the 3 children sporting Sapa style capris3 hmong kids

The clementine seller waiting for business or is she counting change from selling those  clementines ?

waiting  sapa woman

Really can’t get over the elaborate red head gear

dzao women

And the equally stunning co-ordinated shoulder bags…never did Black with accents of  Red & White look so elegant

hmong bags

Hmong woman waiting in front of …ah French Colonial shutters & mini white columns…yes this really was a French summer colony. Love the layered sweater & jacket look  with a plaid scarf tied at the waist…plus the large hoop earrings

caught unaware

Wonder what the Colonialists wore when vacationing here but ah yes…looking like the locals would have been a definite NO & lets not forget those large hoop earrings! I will say that staying here a bit longer has satisfied my wardrobe fix now that I’ve purchased the same outfits myself for those days when that extra bohemian touch is needed, plus large hoop earrings ofcourse…time to move on & sport that look…on the next set of postcards…til’ then…


One Response to “The Sapa fashion directory & guide”

  1. Hi, There are colorful pictures. I am exciting to wait your next card. Have a good time in Sapa.

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