Rites of Spring, Earth Celebration in New York

Darlings,  The month of May not only starts with May Day but all over the World, people are celebrating something or other to herald the arrival of Spring. In Asia this week, its Family Week & in New York, its the rites of Spring festivities in the East Village section of town. The pageantry starts with elaborate fairy tale like costumes donned with paper mache figures worthy of viewing in a Soho art galleryeast-village-procession1

Under the guidance of a Shaman Woman, the pageantry makes visitations to each NYC Community Garden with bessings to follow


 The ever so watchful Sun Goddess towering above


And what garden would be complete without a She Devil to becon those weeds


And lets not forget the Moon Goddess


Magical Floral beings to rival annuals & perennials


No matter which way you lookflower-girl-back

All this created my hand…even our feathered friends were not forgottentoucan

 even the newest wee garden additions insisted on joining in


the pagentry ended with a show of color, a folkloric tale in itself


until this time next year when new invitations would be handed out for another Spring Season to mark a new beginning


And so I wish you all a wonderful Spring, happy gardening & I’m planning our next flight of fancy…so until the next set of postcards…au revoir


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