Travel Connections (to have & to hold)

Darlings, Life is so blissful when we’re on the road roaming from 1 location to another but what I love most is checking into an Internet Cafe to write & send e-mails from those remote locations. Bravely, I went ahead & sent an inquiry to a certain on-line Travel Editor…could she take a peek at my postcards ? Was it all too frivolous, too amateur, a waste of Internet usage ?

A response arrived…Yes, the lady had taken a peek & liked what she saw…the message went on to inquire if I could do a posting / link onto my postcards being that 217 people had seen my postcards in some shape or form. Why, ofcourse… I sat there wondering where infact the on-line Editor worked…was it a Rustic Home Office in a highland location  ?


Maybe the Edior sat outside & edited articles on an outside Porch like this…


Or perhaps it was a Highrise Glass & Steel structured office overlooking an amzing marina


Or better yet…maybe the Editor lived in a mobile Floating home & stopped at ports along the way…after all a Travel Editor had to travel & in these economic times, might have had to forego the Private Jet…


Maybe this is how the Editor picked up food supplies


Whatever it was… the Travel Agent days had now been replaced by a Travellers Union banding together to form…WWW.DIVERSETRAVELLER.COM

Travel related info from Diverse locations with Diverse followers…queries, forums, books, recipes, private jet rental, you name it…need a quick response while on the road…this is the site…Twitter or Facebook away & Darlings…now its my turn to log on myself to plan our next move…so until next week…Au revoir…


One Response to “Travel Connections (to have & to hold)”

  1. Hi Mousumi, Thanks for the write-up and love the pictures. Wish you all the best and look forward to seeing more of your work.

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