Idler’s Paradise

Darlings,  How time flies ! …Its been a month since I’ve been sending you these postcards & I have to share a little tit bit gossip with you…I’m so EXCITED… believe it or not, I have had 213 viewers for these postcards to date.  Can you believe it …213 !  They say 2’s a company & 3’s a crowd, so 213 must mean entourage…aw pish with the modesty…I had to share that small talk with you.  Ahem, this must mean that idling aimlessly has struck your fancy & I’m so beside myself…so lets continue.

You know since we arrived at this beach city of Essaouira, essaouira we got so sidetracked with you know, useless stuff like browsing for robes  & streetside cafes & lets not forget..Mc Donalds Mc Arabia that I never even took you around to see what the hoopla about this place was. So, the city is  surrounded by these ramparts  & cannons

yes those are real cannons meant to keep out enemies…Outside the ramparts lie Ocean Atlantic with its peacock blue water…


 and the air is filled with cries of seagulls and waves hitting against the caramel colored sandy shore, the odour of  fig , pistachio and dates permeating  the senses…


idling by the ocean  & ramparts not your thing,  have no fear


 the winding alleys are filled with shops crammed with enough treasures for you to pirate away for perhaps a store of your own.


Don’t all these striped fabrics made of cactus silk & cotton leave you craving for some color therapy to cure away any woes that might have befallen you – the perfect elixir I might say. Then there’s a medley of carpets


and for the Diva in all of us…shoes galore.


  Isnt this a great way to display shoes…curtain style instead of on a shoe rack. You know I’m thinking that this could be the next home decor trend…isn’t this how those stylists get their ideas…as seen on location type thing ?

Oh…oh …look at this darling Tea shop


… I so want my kitchen to look like this.  Ethnic chic not your thing…there’s those fancy Designer  shops also…


but did you notice something…its that Blue color that I keep seeing everywhere…hmm but thats something for us to explore next…we’re also leaving this place soon, so may as well get one of those Designer bags. Until then, Chin Chin Darlings.  Its been infectous for you & ME… Au revoir.


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