Objects of Fancy

I meant to tell you something about myself or maybe you already know from seeing my postcards that I LOVE to CAPTURE those small details – inordinate  but extraordinary. The little things that almost go unnoticed, the small details that complete the finishing touch, the mini tokens that merit attention. Here are a few postcards that had me in a trance !


White Plumeria flowers lined along a moss covered staircase…


Red chillies left to air dry in Ubud, Bali…


Colorful painted Wicker Basket boxes to store odds & ends…


Early morning dew drops on freshly opened Lotus flowers…


A moss covered statue…


A Tropical Plant in a Moss covered container…

Mosaic Tile details in Parc Guell, Barcelona

Oh my, I can’t share that with you as that trip was pre-digital era !!! and you know I don’t do Internet downloads as these postcards are ones that only I captured while being enchanted.


And here’s a postcard of Traveller “ME” capturing metal lanterns clustered around a mirror. My ensemble (in case you were wondering- white shirt from H & M, Block Printed wrap skirt from Anokhi, Pink sweater from Gap & accessories from Senegal. I call it my, ” Tribal Wonderland” gear.  Now, doesn’t all this just make you want to grab that passport & vanish someplace even if momentarily ? You know you can do that with a mere click on the top right corner under” blog info” with a subscription for more Postcards for a fleeting getaway (mini but wholesome, I call it)…See you shortly.  Au Revoir.


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