My Secret Admirer

Remember that first Blog that I posted a few days ago…well you’ll never believe what happened. I am so EXCITED…eeek…I had to share this with you – turns out that I have a SECRET ADMIRER.

Remember those Blue Painted Boats that we saw & how I thought that maybe they were all Blue because the paint was on sale.


Well, look what became of those Blue Boats. This AMAZING piece of art that my secret admirer made. Maybe it was HAND PAINTED or maybe it was done on a computer with those FANCY PROGRAMS or maybe its a MIRAGE – you decide. It was sitting in my mailbox with a shy, quiet note. Why, I think I died & went to Heaven…


Now, don’t be getting any ideas about my admirer – he’s married to my darling friend Isabella & has 2 adorable grown children. His name – well I call him Rudy but you know, maybe his name is Rudolph – I’ve never even asked. So, if you want your own Mirage type creation, leave me a comment right below & I’ll let my admirer know…after all…I need to protect him somehow…can’t just leave his e-mail address floating all over the place.

And if you want to receive more of my postcards, click on the top right corner at “blog info” and hit subscription with your e-mail address. Its Free – you’ll save on postage & in this economy, doesn’t FREE SUBSCRIPTION sound fabulous ?

So, Darlings, to give you a hint of where we’re going next…better rush to the ATM machine…we’re going shopping in North Africa. Maybe it’ll be just browsing or eye candy shopping…you’ll just have to visit & see for yourself. Until then…AU REVOIR & an extra special THANKYOU to my newly revealed admirer – RUDY.


2 Responses to “My Secret Admirer”

  1. sue mac Says:


    First of all, very creative shot on your part! Second of all , your admirer is an amazing artist! However he achieved this, it is to be admired!

    I really enjoy this!


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