Hello Darlings, Welcome to the world of Travel Postcards! This is my very first Blog & I’m so EXCITED. Being the World Citizen that I am, have decided to take you on voyages to distant lands & have you escape those economic woes, financial stresses & pretend you’re on a permanent vacation. We’ll lounge, linger, then linger some more, have meaningful & meaningless conversations & then some.

So, being that I just received my tax refund, thought I’d go silly & spend some of (not all of it…need to be a bit practical you know).  Its bone cold, so bought a ticket – NY to Morocco. We are travelling to the Coastal Beach city of Essaouira (pronounced Essa Wera).


View from the plane already feels warm – thats the snow capped Atlas mountain in the horizon & the Ouarzazate (pronounced War Za Zat) desert upfront. This is where they filmed Troy & Kingdom of Heaven.  So, We’ are escaping the COLD – think WARM.  Unfortunately,  we’ re travelling ECONOMY class. Did you really want to be in Business class with those snooty Execs’ that travel for Free on Co’ expense.  Would they even be going where we’re going  or spending their own money, claiming its for work…I think NOT.


OK, so this is our guide…yes, I know the photo is crooked – we had a few too many drinks on the plane – Remember ?


Oh my…here’s our Hotel – Les Matins Bleus – located at 22, Rue De Draa. Ooh La la…I do so adore the color Bleue (sounds better in French don’t you agree – more posh).


Gosh, is that the Beach…how Warm & inviting…


Look at those Blue boats…wouldn’t they blend into the water ? Maybe the Blue Paint was on sale or maybe they only make Blue paint here.


& the SUNSET…


Time to have a few drinks & dinner – lets check into Le Patio for appetizers.  Oh, I do so love those shadows from the pierced lanterns. So magical and trance-like … Hmm, I’m feeling a wee bit tired – aren’t you ? Lets call it a day & we’ll continue with more TRAVEL POSTCARDS next week. Surely you won’t forget to sign up to receive my weekly postcards in your e-mail box ?

  So lovely having you as travel companions. Au Revoir Darlings…


7 Responses to “THE PIONEER VOYAGE”

  1. Marty Says:

    Moose, all looking good.
    You got the great story telling style too…. but where’s the pics of you.
    If you gonna fly, don’t be shy!

  2. kelly Says:

    Moose?? you missed your calling, such skills with the camera! where we goin next 🙂

  3. Moosie,

    I can’t hear that strong and acerbic voice of yours. You sound like a blissed out chick
    enjoying the life in Morocco. How wonderful.


  4. sue mac Says:


    I am so excited to be traveling with you – all these exotic places are spoiling me!

    Votre Ami,
    Sue Mac

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