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Chic & Stylish Travel Food

Posted in Uncategorized on March 29, 2009 by MOUSUMI DUTTA

Darlings,  Did I mention to you that my Fave food of choice is Street Food – roadside stands, hawker food…Oh Yes…not those fancy cafes with glamorous people sitting outside, the che che places with mini morsels that cost your entire travel budget or worse yet…those A List places with fancy tablecloths that have a dress code…is it really about FOOD or the IMAGE that you need to have to eat their FOOD ? …


Now, doesnt this plate of Vegetable & Couscous medley  along with the Mint Tea drink look simply DIVINE ?

So, here’s my version that you could make yourself to re-create this special moment. First off all, we need to go to the market to pick up stuff…


Chop 1 large onion & saute in a pan – once its browned a bit, grate 2 garlic cloves & 1/4 inch of ginger…Now add in your dry stuff (1 tsp of cumin powder, 1 tsp of pepper, 1 tsp of paprika / coriander…stir it all up. To this mix, add 1 can of chick peas , 1 medium tomato chopped up & 1 cup of fresh / frozen peas. Leave cooking  for 5 mins & then add 1 cup of couscous & enough water to cover. This should cook in a few mins as couscous cooks fast & you may have to add some water.  Add 1 cup of chooped parsley / cilantro & cover the pan…Voila you have a meal…Serve with a green salad garnished with chopped up ruby red beets…

Maybe you could serve it in ceramic clay Tajines like these…(no worries, I am bringing some extra)10_10

on one of these Blue  boats over the ocean. You’ll meet me at the Port in NY , wont’ you ?


I’m also bringing some tables like these that we could eat from…(yes all on the boats ofcourse). Isn’t that why BenGay & Icy Hot got invented  ?



Not interested in Tables…well there’ll be nice floor cushions like these – I’m sure you must have some chairs ?



So, Darlings…I hope you make this delectable meal for yourself or maybe share with a loved one or two & talk about…what else but TRAVEL. So, until the next set of postcards..I wish you all a Bon Appetit.

Objects of Fancy

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I meant to tell you something about myself or maybe you already know from seeing my postcards that I LOVE to CAPTURE those small details – inordinate  but extraordinary. The little things that almost go unnoticed, the small details that complete the finishing touch, the mini tokens that merit attention. Here are a few postcards that had me in a trance !


White Plumeria flowers lined along a moss covered staircase…


Red chillies left to air dry in Ubud, Bali…


Colorful painted Wicker Basket boxes to store odds & ends…


Early morning dew drops on freshly opened Lotus flowers…


A moss covered statue…


A Tropical Plant in a Moss covered container…

Mosaic Tile details in Parc Guell, Barcelona

Oh my, I can’t share that with you as that trip was pre-digital era !!! and you know I don’t do Internet downloads as these postcards are ones that only I captured while being enchanted.


And here’s a postcard of Traveller “ME” capturing metal lanterns clustered around a mirror. My ensemble (in case you were wondering- white shirt from H & M, Block Printed wrap skirt from Anokhi, Pink sweater from Gap & accessories from Senegal. I call it my, ” Tribal Wonderland” gear.  Now, doesn’t all this just make you want to grab that passport & vanish someplace even if momentarily ? You know you can do that with a mere click on the top right corner under” blog info” with a subscription for more Postcards for a fleeting getaway (mini but wholesome, I call it)…See you shortly.  Au Revoir.

Browsing in North Africa

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I have a confession…just one ! …I LOVE to lounge & linger over breakfast before I start my day & since you’re travelling with me, lets bask in the sun, trash the watch, discard the IPhone, blackout the Blackberry & go BAREFOOT.


Oh my…Cafe au Lait – served in a bowl, fresh squeezed orange juice & home made bread…oh the smell of spicy cardamon coffee…Mmm Starbucks Pish…this is SO DIVINE.

Look at the morning light filtering  through. Now do you understand this lingering of mine ?


So, now that we’re satiated, lets browse through those markets of North Africa shall we ? Some call it shopping but I call it BROWSING.  Shall we look left


or shall we look right. So much to see, can’t think straight.  Masks from Mauritania


Robes from Timbuktu


A Patchwork of Carpets…


All this kaleidoscope of color is making me dizzy…I need lunch and OH MON DIEU…is that..can’t be…it IS..


Mc Donald’s – Mc Arabia. Yes, we are in Arabia after all & that IS most definitely a McViande sandwich. (sandwich must be one of those universal words, don’t you agree ? )

Aaah…food does do wonders & now I’m feeling Princess like & wanting one of those ROBES.


 I’m thinking maybe with a belt tied around the hips, a chunky beaded necklace & a pair of  sandals, this could look quite elegant. Isn’t there something called Street Fashion or the Global Ethnic look – this must be it. I mean you’d need the personality to carry off THIS LOOK but even if you didn’t – who would know.


Men…don’t feel left out…there’s robes for you too when you unearth your inner Lawrence of Arabia moment. For those dinner parties, this is the ULTIMATE HOST outfit.

Need some bags to carry out those Treasures…take your pick…


Oh there’s more but we’re bogged down for today with this escapade…too stressful on the brain & you know in this economy, we can’t afford to make the wrong decision & get the wrong thing…so until next week’s postcard…Au Revoir.

My Secret Admirer

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Remember that first Blog that I posted a few days ago…well you’ll never believe what happened. I am so EXCITED…eeek…I had to share this with you – turns out that I have a SECRET ADMIRER.

Remember those Blue Painted Boats that we saw & how I thought that maybe they were all Blue because the paint was on sale.


Well, look what became of those Blue Boats. This AMAZING piece of art that my secret admirer made. Maybe it was HAND PAINTED or maybe it was done on a computer with those FANCY PROGRAMS or maybe its a MIRAGE – you decide. It was sitting in my mailbox with a shy, quiet note. Why, I think I died & went to Heaven…


Now, don’t be getting any ideas about my admirer – he’s married to my darling friend Isabella & has 2 adorable grown children. His name – well I call him Rudy but you know, maybe his name is Rudolph – I’ve never even asked. So, if you want your own Mirage type creation, leave me a comment right below & I’ll let my admirer know…after all…I need to protect him somehow…can’t just leave his e-mail address floating all over the place.

And if you want to receive more of my postcards, click on the top right corner at “blog info” and hit subscription with your e-mail address. Its Free – you’ll save on postage & in this economy, doesn’t FREE SUBSCRIPTION sound fabulous ?

So, Darlings, to give you a hint of where we’re going next…better rush to the ATM machine…we’re going shopping in North Africa. Maybe it’ll be just browsing or eye candy shopping…you’ll just have to visit & see for yourself. Until then…AU REVOIR & an extra special THANKYOU to my newly revealed admirer – RUDY.


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Hello Darlings, Welcome to the world of Travel Postcards! This is my very first Blog & I’m so EXCITED. Being the World Citizen that I am, have decided to take you on voyages to distant lands & have you escape those economic woes, financial stresses & pretend you’re on a permanent vacation. We’ll lounge, linger, then linger some more, have meaningful & meaningless conversations & then some.

So, being that I just received my tax refund, thought I’d go silly & spend some of (not all of it…need to be a bit practical you know).  Its bone cold, so bought a ticket – NY to Morocco. We are travelling to the Coastal Beach city of Essaouira (pronounced Essa Wera).


View from the plane already feels warm – thats the snow capped Atlas mountain in the horizon & the Ouarzazate (pronounced War Za Zat) desert upfront. This is where they filmed Troy & Kingdom of Heaven.  So, We’ are escaping the COLD – think WARM.  Unfortunately,  we’ re travelling ECONOMY class. Did you really want to be in Business class with those snooty Execs’ that travel for Free on Co’ expense.  Would they even be going where we’re going  or spending their own money, claiming its for work…I think NOT.


OK, so this is our guide…yes, I know the photo is crooked – we had a few too many drinks on the plane – Remember ?


Oh my…here’s our Hotel – Les Matins Bleus – located at 22, Rue De Draa. Ooh La la…I do so adore the color Bleue (sounds better in French don’t you agree – more posh).


Gosh, is that the Beach…how Warm & inviting…


Look at those Blue boats…wouldn’t they blend into the water ? Maybe the Blue Paint was on sale or maybe they only make Blue paint here.


& the SUNSET…


Time to have a few drinks & dinner – lets check into Le Patio for appetizers.  Oh, I do so love those shadows from the pierced lanterns. So magical and trance-like … Hmm, I’m feeling a wee bit tired – aren’t you ? Lets call it a day & we’ll continue with more TRAVEL POSTCARDS next week. Surely you won’t forget to sign up to receive my weekly postcards in your e-mail box ?

  So lovely having you as travel companions. Au Revoir Darlings…